Up Lighting

Turn a plain space to a jaw-dropping vision.

Take a great space and accent its natural beauty.

From a full room to a special accent, up lighting can bring any event to life.

Monogram Projection

Your name in lights!

A custom designed monogram projected on the wall, dance floor, ceiling, or anywhere else you would like.

Your initials, the date, a logo, or anything else you can think of.


Show off your vocal skills…

Or laugh at your friends lack thereof…

This add on includes 2 wireless microphones, a video screen and a large karaoke library.

Additional Sound Systems

Is your ceremony outside?

Do you have a cocktail hour in another room?

Is the venue going to add a comma to your fee for one extra speaker and microphone?

Add an additional sound system to your event by MV

Motion Monogram

Do you want your name to move?

Add a custom animated monogram or logo for all to see.